Our top priority are local products.

Because they not only promise best quality, but also, allow us to know our suppliers in person.

On the one hand it is good to know exactly where the products come from, on the other hand it simply tastes better. A fresh cuisine is our ambition. Made with passion, tastefully refined and lovingly arranged.

Genuine and authentic tastes bring back the originality of good food to the palate. Local products are our priority.


Start your amazing day! A good morning and a wonderful holiday begins with an extensive and healthy country breakfast. Fresh and fruity, fragrant and crispy, just as you please. The varied breakfast buffet is served daily from 7:30 to 11:00 am. For daily visitors, we accept reservations at +49 7682 947910.

Lunch & Snacks

A delicious lunch from the seasonal menu from 12:00 to 14:00 or a light lunch snack from the buffet, freshly prepared for our guests from 12:30 to 15:30. You have the choice.

Coffee & Cake

Coffee Time- an attitude to life. Freshly brewed coffee, exquisite teas and homemade cakes and tarts. Take your time, enjoy the scenery from our sun terrace, have a chat or simply enjoy the fireplace. It’s the relaxing moments of the day.

Snack Time

In the Black Forest the snack-time ("Vesper") is still being upheld. Local ham, sausage salad, "Bibleskäs" (fresh, grainy cream cheese) and the cheese board, always served with fresh farmer’s bread. Radish, tomatoes or cucumbers must not be missing. The "Veschper time", as they call it in this part of the county, is still being regarded as sacred.

Dinner & Vital Menu

The day reaches its culinary highlight. A wonderful meal and just like that, body and mind in harmony. Deliciously prepared seasonal dishes are served from 18:00 to 21:00. Daily varying vital menues for our house guests - a perfect testament to the gourmet region of Baden. Feast or eat healthy – for us, it is a promise! Dine A LA CARTE. Reservations can be made at +49 7682 947610.

Round off the day at the Fire Place

Dreamily gaze into the fire, lean back satisfied and feel happy. To end the day, enjoy a drink or a warming cup of tea. Sleep well.

A present for your loved ones

Gift Voucher

Making presents. Enjoy. Experience. Surprise a loved one with a hotel voucher in the Black Forest…

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