Time to think of yourself

It is much easier to start good resolutions when on vacation than in everyday life. We provide enough peace, leisure, enjoyment and variety with our program. All this while on holiday and in one of the most attractive landscapes of the Black Forest with all its advantages and excellent air.

By yourself or together, holiday with an echo to think of yourself.

“Take your health into your own hands”

Our experts will take care of your health. Book your holiday for a ZRT® Arrangement at the ElzLand Hotel Pfauen.

  • Ideally, you start the Cell Biological Regulation Therapy ZRT® with a 7-day program. A 10-day or 14-day program is even more efficient to get to know all the advantages of ZRT®.
  • Have you ever successfully participated in a ZRT® in our Hotel and would like a refreshment after a certain time? Then we recommend the 7-day arrangement for a re-entry.
  • During your stay at the ElzLand Hotel Pfauen, you will receive written information, an introductory lecture and medical advice on the ZRT®, a nutrition coaching and, if necessary, a change in diet and supplement. You can expect various restorative treatments and soothing massages, the daily varying ElzLand Active Program and in between lots of time to relax or to be active.
  • Prior to each ZRT®, we will send you a questionnaire as initial information for the consulting physician. This contains indications regarding medical intake, pre-existing conditions and current illnesses. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the duration of the participation in the ZRT® program. Please bring this questionnaire along to your consultation with our doctor.
  • After the introduction and consultation with the doctor, your ZRT® holiday plan will be individually tailored to your requirements.
  • During your stay you will be in the hands of our trained team of doctor, physiotherapists / trainers and nutrition coaches.

With knowledge, expertise and heart.

Welcome0nbsp;to your holiday for your health.

For a positive individual execution of the Cell Biological Regulation Therapy ZRT® during your stay, the advising physician needs the following information during the first personal consultation: potential existing complaints and illnesses, their history and current state, medication intake, operations, previous diagnostics such as laboratory findings, x-rays, MRIs, existing doctor’s letters, etc.

We will send you a questionnaire for your preparation in advance.

Please do not forget to bring sportswear, swimwear and hiking boots. It will be worth it! You will receive a hiking backpack from us for the duration of your stay.

Health, our greatest good.

ZRT® is a very natural, gentle, scientifically-based and relaxing health programme.

Simple module blocks that are built on each other actively purify, improve the cells metabolism and increase vitality. You feel healthier, more powerful and full of energy.

After an introduction, medical consultation with diagnosis and recommendations, you can experience all module blocks for a successful ZRT® treatment in the hotel.