Salt on the skin. Deeply relaxed. Floating.

Float to harmonising sounds and soothing colour play in the 36° C warm brine bath. Surrounded by the same temperature in water, air and body. The protected surrounding, the feeling of being carried by water relaxes you completely and dissolves stress quickly.

Brine floating has many positive effects on the health of the body mind and soul.

Floating in salt water brine with many minerals keeps your skin soft and smooth. It has a deeply positive effect on the skin, muscular and skeletal system.

Psychological and physical effects

  • Relief on spine, muscles and joints
  • Soothing of acute, persistent and chronic tensions
  • Alleviation of herniated disc, lumbago, pulled muscles, sprains and joint complaints
  • Significant decrease in chronic pain symptoms such as migraine
  • Support of healing progresses
  • Increase of the immune function
  • Reduction of high blood pressure, slowing of pulse rate
  • Expansion of blood and capillary vessels and thus better blood circulation of all cells
  • Reduction of stress-related biochemicals such as cortisol, ACTH, lactate, and adrenaline in the bloodstream
  • Positive, soothing effect on the skin, such as psoriasis, acne and neurodermatitis
  • Improvement of rheumatic complaints
  • Reduction of jetlag symptoms
  • Increased well-being due to increased endorphin release

Mental effects

  • Synchronisation of the brain hemispheres
  • Increased concentration, creativity and productivity
  • Compensation for environmental overstimulation
  • Support of meditation, superlearning and autogenic training

We have prepared a fluffy bathrobe, towels and bath shoes (in your room or SPA bag) for your stay in the wellness and SPA area. (in your room or SPA Bag).

For this “Short holiday like in the Dead Sea” :-) the brine bath is freshly prepared for everyone and filled into the floating pool.

Obviously, it is up to you whether you float dressed or undressed. However, as floating is about sensory stimulus reduction, it can be affected by swimwear. With us, you can float alone or in pairs in a private room.

In order to experience complete relaxation, you can enjoy weightlessness for up to 60 minutes and float in an open pool in a private floating room.

You should not have freshly dyed hair. On the day of floating you should avoid a wet shave or epilation. The highly concentrated brine may cause burning on irritated skin or open wounds.

In general, everybody can float!
Floating is not only a pure wellness and relaxation application, but can also be used as part of medical treatment.

In rare cases, unfortunately not.

  • When under the age of 16
  • With freshly dyed hair, because the colour is transferred into the water
  • If you have a large open skin wound
  • If you are epileptic and not under medical control
  • If you suffer from incontinence
  • When under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Women who gave birth less than two months ago

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