Discover the Nature Park Black Forest

Discover the Nature Park Black Forest.

Every corner, every small village, every valley and every mountain in the Black Forest has its own charm. Upon arrival, you will receive your KONUS Guest Card with many valuable features. Whoever has them, will never want to give them up again. During your stay it entitles you to free travelling by bus and train – throughout the Black Forest and even to Basel! Wow!

Here are some suggestions and advice for activities to do during your stay in the ElzLand Hotel Pfauen.

Close by

Oberprechtal, Elzach, ZweiTälerLand. Be inspired by a region full of warm-heartedness, Black Forest idyll and a large variety of exciting excursions and activities. Here you will find a selection.

Free travel and Konus

Free of charge with bus and train. Environmentally friendly from Pforzheim to Basel, from Karlsruhe to Waldshut, from Calw, Freudenstadt or Villingen-Schenningen to the French/German border. Up and down, back and forth, as often as you like.

Art & culture

Here in the Elz- and Simonswäldertal, we are proud of our heritage, the Back Forest. You can experience our culture and ancient customs on many events and celebrations in the region.

Values and craftsmanship

Craftsmanship in the Black Forest – a key position. Preservation and appreciation. Descended by the elders, inspiringly developed by the young. Here you find particularly beautiful Black Forest crafts. To cultivate and live traditions. Maintaining and passing on old craftsmanship. Approachable culture and customs for experiencing.