ZRT® - We intoduce you to the Concept

Did you know that the human body is truly a masterpiece?

Health begins in the smallest unit of the body – the cell. The strongest force is the self-healing power. Improve the environment of your cells with the cell biological regulation therapy ZRT® ®, so that your cells can breathe freely and once again fulfil their tasks in full power. They will be healthier, more powerful and full of energy.
Biologically and scientifically founded. Individually tailored to your needs. Simple module blocks that are built on each other actively purify, improve the cells metabolism and increase vitality.
After a medical consultation, including a diagnosis and a recommendation, you can implement all measures and programs for a successful ZRT® treatment. Get started under the guidance of our trained professionals of the Vitalis ZRT® health centre.

Unique. The health holiday in the ElzLand Hotel Pfauen.

Cell Biological Regulation Therapy ZRT®

ZRT®, or Cell Biological Regulation Therapy ZRT®, is a prevention and therapy concept based on current cell biological and evolutionary biological knowledge. The perspectives of cell- and evolutionary biology provide us with valuable insights into the organisation and regulation of the human organism. This made the development of this modular prevention and therapy concept for chronic diseases of civilisation possible.
The views and actions of the ZRT® prevention therapy extends the so-called conventional medicine by a system biological approach.

This results in a meaningful and effective connection between orthodox medicine and naturopathy.

Dr. Bernhard Dickreiter, founder and head of the Vitalis ZRT® health centre, is a specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine, naturopathy, clinical geriatrics and diving medicine and president of the ZRT® Academy. With all his many years of experience and his distinctive knowledge and competence in all aspects of cell biology, he will be at your side with advice and practical assistance.
The cell biological regulation therapy ZRT® is an essential part of the hotel concept and is lived and implemented by us in all areas.

The therapy focusses on your “extracellular matrix”  This matrix is, so to speak, the “inner environment” in which all 80 trillion body cells of a human are embedded. The term matrix comes from matter – the mother – because all cells supply themselves with oxygen, nutrients, vitamins etc. from it. At the same time, all waste products of the metabolism are transported away via the matrix. The disposal and supply of our cells must function at all times. Our body cells vibrate rhythmically – as long as they are healthy. Our muscles cells are active, even in resting phases, with 2-3 % of the muscle fibres alternating each muscle. This is the main drive for microcirculation. If both no longer function properly, the flow of the matrix – i. e. the cell environment – slows down and congestion occurs. As a result, the affected cells can no longer be adequately supplied with nutrients and toxins cannot be transported away. At first sight, slight irritations arise, which the human hardly perceives.

Over time, however, there are serious – and above all painful – disorders that can gradually affect all muscle, bone, cartilage, vascular and nerve tissue. In the worst case, it can come to the known diseases of affluence (also called civilisation diseases), such as cardiovascular, psychosomatic, orthopaedic, metabolic, degenerative brain diseases (Alzheimer’s disease) and cancer.
Due to today’s lifestyle with little exercise, malnutrition or over-nutrition, excessive stress, toxin pollution etc., the matrix is usually no longer intact and “heavily burdened”. It can no longer completely supply the cells. Over time, the result will be a loss of vitality, increasing pain or even chronic civilisation diseases. Therefore, it is important to purify this extracellular matrix and to convert it back to a vital condition by natural means, in order to ensure an optimal regulation and regeneration of the cells.


The goal of ZRT® is to design the micro area of the organs, the cell-milieu-system, in such a way that the macro area can operate healthily and vitally and is free of symptoms.

The body’s own regulatory processes are activated and supported in a way that self-healing processes can be initiated. In order to achieve this, various influences and measures must be considered and implemented.
The ElzLand Hotel Pfauen has all these possibilities and measures to initiate and implement these regulation processes and is the first Hotel in Germany with these possibilities. In order to achieve this, various influences and measures must be considered and implemented.


All factors affecting the biological system of the “cell and its extracellular matrix” must be taken into account.

At ZRT® we take special care of the “Extracellular Matrix”, your cell environment, so that your cells feel just as fit and vital as a goldfish in clear (instead of cloudy) water.

By restoring an intact extracellular matrix (cell environment) you receive the foundation for new vitality and well-being. You will learn how to determine your own lifestyle, how to remain fit up until old age and how to avoid chronic illness at the same time. The program is amazingly simple, biologically comprehensive and above all suitable for everyday use – even for working people, whether you sit in the office or travel a lot.
The whole family can benefit from ZRT®, even if only one member participates in the program. The knowledge of ZRT® is advantageous for everyone – young or old, thin or thick. Let us accompany you on your way to a healthy diet, weight reduction, prevention of chronic illnesses and improvement of your general well-being and long-lasting health. We will introduce you to the concept.

Only some of the positive effects of ZRT®:

  • Gentle, visible and sustainable weight reduction
  • Stabilisation of the desired weight
  • Positive influence on blood pressure
  • Positive influence on sugar and fat metabolism
  • Increased performance and vitality
  • Promotes healthy and beautiful skin
  • Relief of the cardiovascular system
  • Digestive support
  • Purification, deacidification, detoxication
  • Relaxing and deeper sleep
  • General well-being
  • Discomfort and pain can disappear completely

Since it is a fact that the vast majority of people today can become relatively old, the question arises as to “how”, i. e. the quality of life in old age. Vitality and well-being into old age brings quality to life. This can often only be achieved by avoiding chronic illnesses and by steering the lifestyle into a positive direction early enough. With ZRT® we have a profound and biological treatment approach, which is immediately comprehensive for everyone. Its success can be measured in a short time.