Calms the body – refreshes the mind

Our relaxing SPA-Area

Enjoy the silence and calm down. Focus on quality. Put yourself into our experts' hands and start the day reinvigorated.

Swimming, sauna, floating on salt-water – we are happy to spoil you with our extensive SPA offer. High-quality natural care with depth effect. With products from Pharmos Natur – thanks to 100% Aloe Vera organic pure juice instead of added water – valuable plant nutrients will be delivered deep into the cells. Beneficial for the body – balm for the soul.

Visit one of our oases of peace. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel the relaxation spreading through your body.

Swimming, Floating, being spoiled

Active and fit – dive into our swimming pool with its refreshing 28°C and counter current system. Relax, lie on the water, float and let go – Sole Floating will make you forget everything around you. Let us spoil you and look forward to a wonderful time together – for example with our Partner SPA rituals.

Have a sauna with salt, steam and herbs

Feel the heat on your entire body like a soft cloth. Flavours of herbs, forest and spicy aromas. Close your eyes and feel how your skin becomes pleasantly soft due to moisture. Enjoy four different saunas: aroma steam bath, herbal sanarium, Black Forest white fir sauna, panorama sauna with the Elztal valley at your feet.

Under the Apple Tree

Inhale the fresh scent of the apple blossoms in spring time or reaching up and taking a bite into a natural crunchy and juicy apple in late summer and autumn time. This is joie de vivre, pure taste and relaxation all in one.

Sundeck and Garden Promenade

Step into the fresh air in your bathrobe and stroll through the garden during your sauna or bath break. Snack a few fruity berries or mint leaves here and there. You walk on to the high plateau and enjoy the wonderful view into the Elztal. Your thoughts get wings in our garden promenade.

Astonishing relief, Partner SPA with Herbal Sauna and bathing chats

Enjoy cosy hours in our partner SPA. Be completely on your own with the person you adore and be pampered by our well-matched partner treatments.

Fitness and Gymnastics

Switch off and listen to your body at yoga. Loosen the muscle fibres during fascia training. Individual coaching is provided during the personal training. In our gymnastics and fitness area, we focus on an efficient and personally tailored programme.

Tea House

Doing nothing. Having time. It is the meeting point in the SPA area. A place to relax, calm down and to recharge. Refresh yourself in between the treatments and enjoy the time until your next massage.

Quiet Corners

You will find small retreats and favourite places everywhere in and around the hotel, where you can simply relax and enjoy.

Healthy Warmth and Physio Rooms

Whether as part of your individual health program or simply for your daily well-being. The warmth of our infrared sauna is a relief for your muscles and joints.

Herbal Garden

Learn more about the effect, meaning and taste of herbs at one of our herbal- and nutrition seminars. Try for yourself, walk, smell and taste in our own herbal garden and feel inspired for new ideas at home.