What is "basenfasten" according to the Wacker® method?

Be healthy and fit. Feel good all around.

"Basenfasten" is fasting with fruit and vegetables and means eating, being satisfied and enjoying the meals. "Basenfasten" is a temporary course of treatment – usually for one to two weeks. During this time, only food that can be metabolised 100 percent by the body, is served. That is most of the vegetables and fruits, herbs, fresh sprouts and most nuts. The neutral oils enrich the spectrum of basic cuisine by enhancing the aromas of ripe fruits and vegetables.

"Basenfasten" is quite relaxed – without counting the calories. You can drink still water and diluted herbal teas – at least two and a half litres per day. In the morning, ginger water stimulates the circulation and on very hot days, ice cubes and lemon slices add refreshment.

What are the benefits?
A basenfasen time-out in the hotel is a wonderful opportunity to review your diet and lifestyle, to get back on track and to be more careful with yourself.

What makes "Basenfasten" according to Wacker® in the ElzLand Hotel Pfauen so special?
The Wacker® basenfasten is an important component of the holistic ZRT® health program at the ElzLand Hotel Pfauen. Of course, you can book your basenfasten treatment without the comprehensive ZRT® program.

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Looking for some more recipes?
The cookbook to basenfasten – lots of tasty and super healthy recipe ideas – by the way not only for the basenfasten time:
Wacker, Sabine: basenfasten - das große Kochbuch
TRIAS-Verlag, Stuttgart

The book for working people and other busy people, where basenfasten must be done “by the way”:
Wacker, Sabine: basenfasten: Das 7-Tage-Programm für Eilige
TRIAS-Verlag, Stuttgart

More information: www.basenfasten.de