People & Traditions in the Black Forest

People from the Black Forest are natural. They love their traditions and their Alemannic mother tongue. The Black Forest traditions can not only be seen in the “Bollenhut”, the cuckoo-clocks and the famous Black Forest Cake. Traditional craftsmanship like wood carvings or mouth-blown glass objects and various festivities, like the annual Fasnet, have their fixed spot. Experience the open-mindedness of the Blackforest people, their deeply rooted honesty and their traditions, rituals and arts. There is always something to experience in the Black Forest. Come and see.

Elzacher Fasnet

The “Elzacher Fasnet“ (Elzach Carnival) and its nationwide-known carnival figure the “Schuttig”, is an ancient tradition, just like the Operprechtal Witches and the “Schiibeschlage”. The Elzach guild of jesters belongs to the so called quadruple allegiance (together with the communities Rottweil, Oberndorf and Überlingen) - guilds, that are dedicated to the Fasnet tradition. During the Fasnet, on Sunday and Tuesday, big “Schuttig”-parades take place in Elzach. On Sunday evening at 20:00 the large procession begins at which torchlights are hold in hands. On “Rosenmontag”, different ballads are told in various places in the town.

Traditional Clothing

In the valleys of Elztal and the Simonswäldertal, traditions play an important role. The members of societies for traditional costumes wear their garbs at public events and festivities.