Sustainability is very important to us.

“Everything what is against nature, will not last for long.” – Charles Darwin

The fresh, clean air of the Black Forest. Freshwater springs, gentle hills and thick forests.

Immerse in one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable holiday regions in Germany. We are committed to preserving this natural paradise for future generations. Nature conservation, climate protection, environmental protection. We live in a balance with nature and feel that everything natural is worth protecting. As a sustainable hotel, we are aware of the various strains and we are working actively to strive for compensation.

It is important for our nature to remain as natural and worth living as it is.

For you, for us, for the future.


The ElzLand Hotel Pfauen is situated in the heart of the Black Forest in a very beautiful valley. Far away from noise and rush – and in mild and pleasant climate. We promote sustainability and nature conservation in every way and offer our guests a sustainable vacation.

Local products support our nature and agriculture.


When designing our house, we set great importance to natural materials such as stone and wood from the region. Wherever possible, the reconstruction of the hotel was carried out almost entirely by local craftsmen. We enjoy living with regional elements of naturalness.

Being sound asleep supports your holiday recovery. In the ElzLand Hotel Pfauen you will sleep on particularly high quality mattresses with excellent lying characteristics. They are produced biological-ecological quality directly in Elzach. The renewable raw-materials that are used, will guarantee a holistic and healthy sleep.

All new construction measures of the hotel meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, are optimised in heat insulation and therefore particularly energy saving. Almost 90% of our lighting has been converted to LED technology and is timer-and motion controlled to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. A woodchip heating system, supplemented by a gas-fired power plant, brings heat to the hotel. Heat recovery is of course a matter for us. The fireplace if fired with wood from our own forest.

Our wonderful region offers many local, high-quality products, which are produced with lots of traditional knowledge and many years of agricultural experience. They are prepared with passion and are freshly served. Milk, cheese, juice, wine and of course our loveable employees – wherever and whatever we can, we deliberately source from our region.

Elements of Nature

Water, Air, Earth, Sun

The spring water from Oberprechtal is perfect drinking water. It is fed by water resources from the Black Forest. Enjoy every sip. Clear, healthy and tasty. Oberprechtal is a climatic health resort with predicate.


Every breath means freshness, health and well-being. The forest provides the raw-material wood. Mother earth flourishes the best products. Regenerative, biological and tasty. We have an average of 1,850 hours of sunshine per year in Oberprechtal.


Rays of sunshine do not only warm our hearts and keep us in a good mood, they also drive our solar panels to generate electricity.

The hotels waste products are not only strictly separated and disposed of, but also – if possible- processed in the region. We work together with “Refood”, who collect our leftovers and process them as animal feed.


Even cooking fat residues are collected and processed by “Refood” as a source of energy. We are careful and avoid large amounts of food wastes in our restaurant. Therefore, the following applies to us: If your hunger is greater that our portions, we are happy to give you an extra portion. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us freely. Thank you.

Why don’t you take a little piece of vacation home? Homemade teas, herbal products and other local delicacies from the nature of the Black Forest, freshly prepared and selected from the region.

In our ZRT®-Health centre Vitalis and in the Vital SPA it is essential to only work with 100 % natural products. Cosmetics free from water, alcohol, parabens and other preservatives. Nature that works.


Unique depth effect – thanks to 100% Aloe Vera organic juice without added water: it does not only remain on the skin surface like water, but transfers valuable plant nutrients deep into the cell. We work with nature by using Aloe Vera from Pharmos Natur.